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How To Moderate Posts

TwineSocial offers a variety of powerful tools to allow you to automatically and manually manage content before and after it is added to your social hub. (Some features described below require more advanced plans.)

There are two places to approaches to content moderation.

Negative Moderation

One approach is to configure your social hub to auto-publish each new post. Then, when viewing your social hub (and only when logged in as a TwineSocial user with moderation privileges) you can remove individual posts and mute users. Simply mouse over the offending post and click the Hide button or the Mute Person button.

Positive Moderation

When you added your data feeds, you had the choice of sending all social posts from this source to a Drafts folder, where it must be approved before being published to your social hub. To access this content, navigate to the Drafts section of your social hub admin in TwineSocial.

Mouse over each post and click Approve to post this item to your social hub. Convenient dropdowns above your hub let you drill on on unapproved content by data feed, or to see items that have been moderated out.