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Choosing a Language/Locale

By default, embedded social hubs are displayed in the English language. You can choose an alternate language for the UI components of your social hub (such as "Read More..." and "Like on Facebook"). 

Changing the Language for your Layout

You can define multiple layouts for each social hub. A layout defines a font, color scheme, theme, language, and optionally custom CSS for your social hub. To change the language for an existing layout:

  1. While viewing your social hub in the Admin Console, choose Design from the top navigation pane. 
  2. Choose the Advanced Design Options icon from the left toolbar (looks like a Gear), and choose a language from the list of available languages.
  3. Press Save. Any webpages that reference this layout will immediately begin using this language.

Adding the Language in your Embed URL

In some cases, you may wish to use the same layout throughout your website, but specifying a specific language as appropriate. To do this, simply add the &lang= parameter in the script tag. For example, to display your hub with the Swedish locale:

<script id="twine-script" src="//"</script>

Supported locales include English (en), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it), German (de), Swedish (sv), Hungarian (hu), and Macedonian (mk). Need an additional language? Just ask.