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Configuring Account Security & Roles

Our multi-user functionality allows your entire marketing team to work on your TwineSocial campaigns with different levels to match any role: account owner, brand manager, billing administrator, analytics user, content moderator, and designer. And it’s all super-easy to set up.

Different Levels for Everyone on Your Social Media Team

For all premium accounts, Twine allows you to create unlimited new logins with a variety of permission levels.

Additionally, you choose which campaigns on your account each user has access to. So if you’re an agency with a large portfolio on TwineSocial, you could give your contact from each of your brands access to only their campaigns.

Incredibly Easy Setup (for Busy Social Media Marketers)

Creating logins for everyone on your social media marketing team is super-easy. Simply navigate to the Users tab on the left nav (you must be a Account Owner yourself to see this) and click Add User. Then, enter your new user’s information, choose a permissions level, and click Add. You can set usernames and passwords for your account users, and even give them custom profile pictures.