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Removing Ads & TwineSocial Branding

We offer both "Free" ad-supported plans, and Paid plans that allow you to remove TwineSocial ads and branding from your social hubs. Here is how each level compares, and how to remove TwineSocial branding from your hub: 

30-Day Trial Plans

We don't put any sort of TwineSocial advertisements in your social hubs during a 30-day trial. This is ideal if you're trying to show a social media hub to a client or get internal approval. If you don't choose a plan during your 30-day trial, then we'll automatically convert your plan to a Free/Ad-Supported plan at the end of your trial.

Free/Ad-Supported Plans

After your 30-day trial plan is over, or if you downgrade to a Free Plan, you'll see a "Powered By TwineSocial" bug in the top right corner of your embedded hub and at the bottom of the detail pane that appears when clicking a post in your feed:

You'll also see TwineSocial mentioned when your users share or repost content from your hub.

Starter Plan: Limited Branding

Our introductory-level "Starter Plan' removes the inline tile advertisements, keeping the "Powered By TwineSocial" bug in the top left corner and in the detail popup, and TwineSocial mentions in sharing links.

Growth Plan and Up: No Branding

Our other plans have no TwineSocial branding on your hub or sharing links.