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How do I display content from an Instagram account I manage?

As of April 5th, 2018, Instagram has removed all ability for API users like TwineSocial to scan their network for non-owned user accounts. This means that you can only scan accounts for which you have login credentials. Content already aggregated by TwineSocial prior to April 5 is not affected. 

To connect owned Instagram accounts, follow the steps below. 

Connect your Instagram Accounts to TwineSocial

If you have not already done so, you'll need to connect your owned Instagram account to TwineSocial. This grants us permission to connect to Instagram on your behalf, and is a required step for aggregating content and verifying which account you can access.

  1. While viewing your campaign in your Management Console, choose Feeds from the top navigation tab.
  2. If you have not yet connected an Instagram account to TwineSocial, you'll see a message prompting you to sign in with Instagram.
  3. Choose Sign In with Instagram and follow the steps. Otherwise, proceed to the next section.
    1. If you've already connected and want to connect an additional owned Instagram account, then click Manage Instagram Connection at the bottom of the section...
    2. ...and click Add a Social Media Connection on the next page. Follow the steps to connect additional accounts.

Add the Instagram Feed

Next, add in the Instagram account.

  1. While viewing your campaign in the Admin Console, choose Feeds from the top navigation menu (if you've just connected your Instagram account above, you'll be redirected to this page automatically).
  2. In the Instagram section, select "My Posts" from the drop-down menu, and click Add. Our system will automatically find your owned account(s) and start crawling.
  3. Your content will start coming in immediately.