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How do I import social posts and hashtags?

So you’ve connected your first social media network and now you wonder, “What content does TwineSocial display?” 

The quick answer is “All public content allowed by the network.” However, using feeds you can customize what content is actually displayed. Navigate to the Feeds tab and you’ll see all your feeds organized by network.

Creating a Feed

Creating a feed is simple. Let’s create a Twitter user feed as an example.

  1. Click on Campaigns in the left navigation pane.
  2. Choose your campaign
  3. Choose Feeds from the top navigation pane.
  4. Scroll down to Twitter. Set the Feed Type to "User" and enter the @username you wish to import.

Hashtag Feeds are configured up by setting the Feed Type to "Hashtag" and entering the #hashtag into the field.

Default Moderation Settings

If you choose the Moderation setting of Moderate then all your new content for this feed will get sent to a "Moderate" folder for you - or one of your administrators or Content Moderators - to selectively approve. Keep in mind that no content will be displayed on your public Hub if you set this to "Moderate" and then forget to approve content. Plus, your content will only be as fresh as your most recent visit to your Manage tab. This makes for a more "perfect" Hub since you have approved every piece of content, but you must approve content regularly.

We highly recommend this for high-traffic hashtag Feeds. (You'd be surprised how fast bad actors find out you're displaying hashtagged posts without moderation). If your content is "pre-vetted" and/or coming from an official channel your organization controls, you can go without it.