Configuring Account Security & Roles

Our multi-user functionality allows your entire marketing team to work on your TwineSocial campaigns with different levels to match any role: account owner, brand manager, billing administrator, analytics user, content moderator, and designer. And it’s all super-easy to set up.

Different Levels for Everyone on Your Social Media Team

For all premium accounts, Twine allows you to create unlimited new logins with a variety of permission levels.

  • Account Owners have have superadmin privileges across the entire account. Your first TwineSocial user automatically has these privileges. They can see all Campaigns and make changes to every aspect of the account, including billing, analytics, and design.
  • Campaign Manager is the next most powerful role. The user is restricted to superadmin privileges within a specified Campaign. Campaign Managers can make any change necessary within the specified Campaign(s). But be aware that Campaign Managers can only manage existing Campaigns—they cannot create new ones.
  • Group Managers are like the Account Owner Role, but only applied to a specified Group or Groups. This Role allows the Group Manager to create and edit Campaigns and users within a Group or Groups in which the Group Manager is a member.
  • Billing Administrators can view all billing data. Perfect for accounts who don’t want to be bothered (or can’t be trusted) with the rest of your campaigns.
  • Analytics Users can view our in-depth reporting on your Campaigns. Perfect for account managers who just want a high level view.
  • Designers are allowed access to the “Design” tab in a specified Campaign. Designers can edit any aspect of the Hub’s design including theme selection, CSS styling, fonts, colors, etc.
  • Content Moderators are usually lower-level community managers tasked with approving/disapproving content for public view in a Campaign. The user is essentially granted access to the “Manage” tab within the Campaign(s) assigned to them.
  • Technical Contact doesn’t confer any admin privileges but simply marks the User who should get all TwineSocial email communication. This is generally account-level communication such as billing correspondence and account notifications. This Role is assumed by the Account Owner Role unless otherwise assigned.
Additionally, you choose which campaigns on your account each user has access to. So if you’re an agency with a large portfolio on TwineSocial, you could give your contact from each of your brands access to only their campaigns.

Incredibly Easy Setup (for Busy Social Media Marketers)

Creating logins for everyone on your social media marketing team is super-easy. Simply navigate to the Users tab on the left nav (you must be a Account Owner yourself to see this) and click Add User. Then, enter your new user’s information, choose a permissions level, click Add. You can set usernames and passwords for your account users, and even give them custom profile pictures.

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